Election Procedure


  1. It shall be the responsibility of the President to publish a list of offices up for election no later than January 15th in a newspaper having general circulation in Oneida County.  Nominations shall be by petition from the candidate seeking office.  The petition must be endorsed by at least two other members in good standing for the last two years.  The petition shall be submitted to the President by February 15th.
    (to download a copy of the Nomination Petition PDF file CLICK HERE)
    If no petitions for offices needing to be filled at the next annual meeting have been received from qualified candidates, the President shall appoint a nominating committee of three active members, none of whom shall be a member of the Board.  It shall be the duty of the nominating committee to nominate a candidate for any remaining offices to be filled at the next annual meeting no later than April 1st.
  2. If there are no contested races for Board Officers, the President, with the approval of the board, may declare those who filed for an office the winners without an election.
    If there are contested races, the Officers of the Association for the contested races shall be elected by ballot that shall be mailed to active members with the announcement of the Annual Meeting and Banquet. Election outcomes shall be determined by a simple majority of the ballots cast for a given candidate. In the event of a tie, the outcome shall be determined by vote of the Board.
  3. The directors shall be divided into three classes. At the first annual meeting, three directors shall be elected to serve for one year, three directors for two years, and three directors for three years. Upon the expiration of the terms of each class of directors, three new directors shall be elected to succeed them for full terms of three years, and thereafter the terms of all directors shall be three years. There will be no term limits for director positions.
  4. The terms of office for officers of the Association shall be:
  • President: two years, succeeding from the office of Vice-President;
  • Vice-President: two years, succeeding from the office of 2nd Vice President;
  • 2nd Vice President: two years, shall succeed to the office of Vice President;
  • Secretary: one year, no term limit;
  • Treasurer: one year, no term limit;
  • Registrar: one year, no term limit;
  • Alumni Scholarship Chairperson : one year, no term limit;
  • Immediate Past President: serves two years after completing the Presidency.
All newly elected, or continuing, officers shall be installed at the Annual Meeting and commence their terms at that time.
  1. If a vacancy shall occur among the officers of the Association Board, the vacancy shall be filled by appointment by the Board, and the appointed person shall hold office until the date that term of office expires. A vacancy of office due to inactivity of an Officer for a period of one year shall result in the termination of the person’s term. This action shall be taken by the Board, with replacement as stated above.

[N.B. If you want to be considered as a candidate for a position on the Board, please contact the President and indicate what role you might like to assume on the Board.  If you do not want to join the Board, but wish to help Board members with their respective functions, please contact either the respective Board member, or the President.  You can view the list of Board members, their functions, and the expiration dates of their terms at the Alumni Officers web page]