New Permanent Mailing Address & New Board Members…

The Camden Alumni Association has a new “permanent” mailing address:

Camden Alumni Association
PO Box 113
Camden, NY 13316-0113

This address will be used for all future incoming mail: Dues Payments, Banquet Reservations, etc.

We would also like to announce the addition of two new board members:

  • Registrar: Dustin Scholz, Class of 1999
  • Director, Membership Committee: Charles [Chuck] Hurd, Class of 2002

Welcome to the Board of Directors, Dustin & Chuck. As time goes on over the next several months, I will be advising and assisting Dustin & Chuck as they get acquainted with the systems in place for the Alumni Association. By the time the June 2023 Banquet rolls around, they should be well versed in the systems and I will completely step aside except for possible website maintenance and assistance with the annual mailing.

In the future, our Treasurer, Deanne Suits, will be handling the incoming payments & mail, and then turning over the forms to our new Registrar for processing into the alumni database.

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