How to Donate to the Alumni Scholarship Fund

Click Here to Download the PDF Version of the Membership & Scholarship Donation Form

The Alumni Scholarship Fund is supported solely through your donations.  Anyone can make a donation to the fund by sending a check, or cash payment, to the Scholarship Chairperson.  Donations can be made at the time you register for the Annual Meeting and Banquet by completing the separate part of the form for Scholarship Donations.  Donations can be made anonymously, or can be made as memorials.  If you choose to make a memorial donation please specify the name (and year of graduation, if an Alum) of the person(s) in whose name(s) the donation is being made.

A collection basket is also passed at the Annual Meeting and Banquet for a voluntary anonymous donation.  Persons who have contributed as part of the registration process should not feel obligated to contribute to the basket, as well.

Checks should be made payable to: Camden Alumni Association Scholarship Fund.  If you are an Alumni, please be sure to include your year of graduation.

How much should you contribute?  There is no set amount for either a standard donation or a memorial donation.  Our rule of thumb is, “Give until it hurts!”  Remember, the more money the Scholarship Fund receives, the more scholarships will be awarded to deserving Camden graduating seniors.  You can see the list of previous Scholarship winners, and the history of amounts awarded by viewing the page of Past Winners.

A list of Scholarship Fund Donors is shown in the program for the Annual Meeting and Banquet.  Only names are given, donation amounts are kept confidential, unless you make a memorial donation and wish to have the amount of your donation made public.

The Scholarship Chairperson is Chelsea Mellon Mutch, 2004. You can contact her using this Contact LinkContact Chelsea for more information and for a current mailing address, if you wish to make a Scholarship Fund Donation before you receive your brochure.