2021 Membership Dues and Scholarship Fund Donations

The Board of Directors of the Camden Alumni Association would like to send a thank you to all of our alumni for your understanding during this ongoing difficult time of social distancing and personal seclusion due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus. We are hoping the ever increasing vaccination numbers will make the social distancing regulations a bad memory by this time next year. However, at this time, we are unable to effectively plan a large gathering and have canceled the 2021 Annual Alumni Banquet.

We feel sadness for the Class of 1970 and the Class of 1971, the honored 50-year classes for last year and this year, and all of our 5-year reunion classes for 2020 & 2021, who have been unable to celebrate as a group again this year. We are looking forward to resuming our Annual Alumni Banquets as soon as conditions will allow us to do so safely. At that time, it will be a special celebration honoring all the 50-Year classes that missed their special year along with the current 50-Year class!

However, since we were unable to send out our annual Alumni Banquet, Annual Dues and Scholarship Donations mailer, we are now posting this request for you continue to make your annual dues payments and scholarship donations.

Annual Alumni Association Dues

Your dues help to cover the expenses of conducting the Association’s business, and is our principal source of money for operating expenses. Please pay your Annual Alumni Dues ($5) promptly. We appreciate your support.

Scholarship Donation

Please consider making a tax deductible contribution to Camden Alumni Association Scholarship Fund. The Alumni Scholarship Fund enables the Camden Alumni Association to provide helpful scholarships to worthy Camden graduating seniors. The number of scholarships awarded annually is based on contributions. The Association wants to continue this program, and needs your financial help to do this. This year, eight $1,250 scholarships will be awarded thanks to generous contributions to the fund last year.

If you have already sent in your dues and/or scholarship donation,
we thank you for reaching out to us already.

If you have not yet paid your annual dues or made a donation
to the scholarship fund, please make your ONLINE DONATION HERE
or fill out and return the form you can DOWNLOAD HERE.

We look forward to your support and to hope to see you at the 2022 Annual Meeting and Dinner Banquet next June.

Mary Jane Currier-Wannyn, Class of 1974
President, Camden Alumni Association, 2019-2021

Today would have been Banquet Day!

We just wanted to send out a message to all alumni to say “Happy Banquet Day” even though we have been unable to gather as a group due to COVID-19 restrictions. We are all saddened that the 50-year class of 1970 and all other 5-year classes have been unable to celebrate their milestone events this year.

However, there are discussions and works in the plans for a joint celebration between the Class of 1971 and the Class of 1970 for next year’s banquet, and if this all plans out, hopefully the other 5-year classes from this year will also be able to join us at the 2021 Annual Banquet for a belated celebration of their special years missed this year.

Also, as is usually done as a part of the annual banquet, the Annual Reports for the Treasurer, Scholarship Chairperson, Secretary and Registrar are now online for downloading.  You may download them by clicking here.

COVID-19 Coronavirus Banquet Cancellation

At this time, we feel it is in everyone’s best interest to cancel the Camden Alumni Association Annual Banquet for this year. Our desire is for everyone to stay safe & healthy. Plus, with the uncertainties for what the near future holds on public gatherings, it has become nearly impossible to plan future events at this time.

We are still working on the details to award the scholarships to the graduating seniors. We are still hoping to award eight scholarships of $1,000 each this year, and are awaiting the receipt of the scholarship applications from the school system. They have a process in the works for collecting and distributing the various scholarship applications from graduating seniors.

In the coming months, we will be sending out a mailer to our alumni to ask you for your annual membership dues and any scholarship donation you would like to make for this year to help us fund next year’s activities and scholarships. We will greatly appreciate your support at that time.  If you wish to make your membership payment and/or a scholarship fund donation now, you can download a printable form by clicking here.

Thank you for your understanding during this difficult time of social distancing and personal seclusion. We feel the sadness for the 5-year reunion classes, especially the Class of 1970, the honored 50-year class for this year, who are unable to celebrate as a group this year. We are looking forward to resuming our Annual Alumni Banquets in June 2021 and hope many of you will join us for future banquets.

Statement on COVID-19 (Corona) Virus…

We are following the COVID-19 (Corona) Virus carefully, and do not know what conditions may be by Alumni Banquet time in June.

At this time, we are hoping social distancing and the warmer early summer weather will slow or halt the spread of the virus and no action will be necessary. But at this time, the forecast from the CDC is not looking promising.

However, please keep in mind that if health & safety conditions or federal, state, county or local regulations make it necessary, we will have to cancel the Annual Alumni Banquet and send refunds to everyone who has made reservations.

We will do our best to make such a decision in a prompt and timely manner to allow everyone to adjust their plans. At this time we are delaying any email or postal mail advertising about the Annual Alumni Banquet as long as possible. We hope to have a better handle on things by the middle of April. We have set an internal deadline of April 20th as our final decision point to either cancel/postpone the banquet or continue with the advertising as planned. We are also leaving open the possibility of having to cancel as the date gets closer if things have not improved and we have sent out the invitations.

At this time, we are removing access to the downloadable reservation form and blocking access to the banquet reservation page until such time as we have made a decision on what we will be doing concerning the annual alumni banquet.

We have been thinking about this a lot this week, and are trying to find the most prudent, safe and effective path to follow forward. May you all be safe & healthy during this troubling time. We all look forward to our next alumni gathering, whenever that may occur!!

Annual Camden-Florida Reunion…

Sorry for the late notice, I just remembered to request the information
from the new organizer, Darlene LaDuc….

Annual Camden-Florida Reunion

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Golden Corral Buffet

3950 Wedgewood Lane
(FL Route 466, ½ mile east of US Route 301)
The Villages, Florida 32162

2020’s Camden-Florida reunion will be held on Wednesday, January 22, 2020, starting at 10:30am, at the Golden Corral, 3950 Wedgewood Lane, The Villages, FL 32162. The cost will be $13.00 per person (for lunch, tax & gratuity included).

Reservation requests and checks should be sent by January 15, 2020, to:
Darlene LaDuc
3303 Belcherry Loop
The Villages, FL 32163
CLICK HERE to send an email to Darlene

Late requests should be phoned to Darlene at 352-661-3700. If you are considering attending it would be a good idea to put the above information on your calendar as a reminder.

Any other questions can also be directed by phone to Darlene LaDuc at 352-661-3700 or Wendy Wimmer at 315-225-7552

Don’t forget to consider “Downsizing” and donate
any small items for the fund-raising raffle.
Proceeds go to the Camden Alumni Association Scholarship Fund.

Looking forward to seeing all those who are able to come. Have a great year !!