How to Update Your Contact Information

Your membership record in the Alumni Association Database can be updated, if you have a change to make; or can be checked for current information by contacting the Alumni Registrar.  Some Class Contact Persons also have a copy of the current information for each respective member of that class.

You can update your information online: CLICK HERE, fill in and submit the form.

Your membership record will be sent to you as part of the Brochure for the Annual Meeting and Banquet, if you are an active member.  The personalized brochure is sent to all active members along with the Election Ballot.

The personalized brochure without the Election Ballot is also sent to a targeted group of Alumni who are not active members at the time of the mailing.  If you are not an active member and receive the brochure without the Election Ballot, you can upgrade your status to “Active” by sending your membership dues to the Registrar.  A ballot will be sent to you at that time so you can participate in the Annual Association Election.

If you wish to submit a payment of Association dues, contact either of the persons above for a current mailing address or Click Here for a printable mail-in form (PDF file, requires Acrobat Reader).  Checks for payment should be made payable to: Camden Alumni Association