Membership Definition & Dues


  1. The membership of this Association shall consist of all those persons who have been awarded a high school diploma or a New York State Regents diploma upon completion of the high school course at Camden High School or Camden Central School, or previous students of the Camden Schools who have earned a Graduate Equivalency Diploma (GED). Active membership shall be defined as any member whose membership dues are paid up to the current expiration date. The membership expiration date shall be the date of the Annual Meeting of the Association.
  2. The Association Board may elect honorary members by a unanimous vote of the Board. Honorary members shall be exempt from the payment of dues. Honorary members shall be entitled to all of the privileges of regular members except that they shall not have the right to vote at meetings or to hold office.
  3. The annual dues shall be fixed by the Board with approval of the membership, and shall be payable in advance, or on the date of the annual meeting of the membership. A statement of dues shall be sent to each member with the notice of the annual meeting.
  4. The purpose of membership dues is to provide operating funds to conduct the business of the Association.

Membership Dues

  • Membership dues are currently $5 per person per year. 
  • Membership can be paid for several years in advance. 
  • Your membership expiration date will be shown on the address label after your name.  The date shown is the year in which your membership expires at the Annual Meeting and Banquet in June.