Alma Mater


Guarded by the tow’ring maples
Under heaven’s skies so blue,
Stands our dear old Alma Mater
With its distant hills in view.
Camden High School, Camden High,
To thee our praises e’er we’ll sing,
Of thy glorious fame and honor,
Ever shall our voices ring.
Many happy years we’ve spent here
Sheltered by thy noble walls
And where e’er on earth we wander,
Back to thee our memory calls,
Alma Mater, Camden High,
Sing we thy praises in this lay
Ne’er from thee, dear Camden High School,
Let our hearts be turned away.
Here both lessons and athletics
We have learned for many years
That when life’s great tasks assail us
We shall have no doubts or fears,
So to thee we lift the chorus,
Speed it onward with the breeze,
Of our much loved Alma Mater
Never shall our praises cease.
Music and Verse composed by Stanley Kent, Class of 1930
Motto: Non scholae, sed vitae