Annual Banquet Invitations Being Mailed This Week!

Sorry for the delay in getting the postal invitation & registration forms into the mail for this year’s return of the Annual Dinner Banquet on June 11th. Unfortunately, two days after I completed the printing of the addresses on the pre-printed mailers, I tested positive for Covid-19! Fortunately, I am fully vaccinated and boosted, but my booster shot was five months before I tested positive, so it was definitely wanning in effectiveness. Although I never experienced any severe symptoms, the virus still really walloped me with muscle weakness and physical exhaustion for over two weeks. But, I am finally on the mend, the mailers are now folded, sealed, trayed and headed to the post office on Monday. The mailers for all dues paid active members actually went to the post office on Friday, thanks to our president’s, Kim Dean, husband John coming to the house to pick them up and deliver them to the Camden Post Office.

Since the mailers were printed with addresses on April 2nd, you may get one in the mail even though you sent in your reservation and/or dues & scholarship donation in the past three weeks… I could not pick out those people who already sent in their forms, as that would mess up the mailing as declared in the postage statement paperwork for the post office.

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