Change in Alumni Registrar…

After eight years of service to the Camden Alumni Association, Scott Souva has decided it is time for him to resign as Registrar for the association, as his job requirements have made it more difficult to find the time needed to fulfill the duties of Registrar, especially in the pre-banquet season, dealing with all the banquet reservations and dues renewals.

At this time, Lance Williams has stepped up to be “Acting” Registrar until the board can vote on someone to replace Scott in the role of Registrar. So, for future correspondences via the postal service, please send all dues payments, etc to Lance Williams. The membership update and payment forms have been updated online with Lance’s mailing address.

The registrar’s email address will remain unchanged: It will just be monitored by Lance going forward.

We now have three empty positions on the Camden Alumni Board of Directors, and a potential fourth seat being vacated as soon as we can find a replacement. If you are or know of anyone who is interested in joining us on the Board of Directors, please contact our president, Katie Stone.  Her email is:

Annual Banquet a Success!!

Greetings to everyone.  Last Saturday was the 2017 Annual Alumni Banquet at the Camden High School Cafeteria. Overall, it was a great success.  We had reservations for 275 people, and almost all of them made it to the banquet.

The Class of 1967 was well represented, as was the Class of 1957, 1962 and 1972.  The class of 1972 was the greatest number in attendance outside of the 50-year class of 1967.

I also wish to apologize to the members of the Class of 1967, as I did not get the group photo posted to the website yet.  I said I would get to it promptly, forgetting that I was heading out for a short vacation last Monday morning.  I am home now, and will get to the photos over this weekend.  Those of you from the Class of 1967 that have given us your email address will get an email notification about how to download your copy of the full-size pictures…

Now we begin preparations once again for the 2018 Annual Alumni Banquet!!