Association Purpose

Article I, Number 2:

The objectives of this Association shall be as follows:

  • to form a permanent organization of the alumni of Camden High School and Camden Central School

  • to maintain and promote the loyalty of the alumni to Camden Central School, and to promote the interests of Camden Central School generally;

  • to provide for the mutual enjoyment and entertainment of its members;

  • to hold meetings and social gatherings for the better realization of such purpose; and

  • to provide a scholarship award(s) to deserving student(s) of the current graduating class of CCS.

To this end, the Association conducts an Annual Meeting of the Membership in conjunction with an Annual Banquet.  This event is always held on the Saturday one week prior to the Camden High School graduation.  At this event newly elected officers are inducted into office; business of the Association is reported to the membership; the 50-year Class is the honored class; scholarships are awarded to worthy members of the current graduating class; recently deceased  Alumni are honored; and a photo record is made of the attending members, who are honored in a roll call of the Classes.