2015 Annual Florida-Camden Reunion Report

Bruce Theobold sent me the following report on the Annual Florida Camden Reunion held this past January 21st in Lady lake, Florida.  Pictures for the 2015 Florida-Camden Reunion were also posted to the photo gallery. CLICK HERE to view the pictures.


It was just a “Beautiful Day” at “The Villages, FL.,” where 62 people attended the annual Camden/Florida Reunion held at the Golden Corral on January 21st.

There were 34 Camden School graduates, at least another 17 Camden Area residents, past or present, at least 20 “first timers” to this reunion, and also 10 couples who have been married 50 or more years together.

Those attending were” Patricia (Theobald) Abrams, Carol (O’Hara) and Lee Balch, Anne (Emper Bryant and Frank Davis, Louise (Wanner) and Ron Coady, Richard Coe, Rhonda (Coe) Ashworth, Katherine (Brazil) and Tom D’Aprix, Edna and David Davis, Patricia Davis, Jeanette (Rood) and Royce Drought, Miyoka and David Durgee, Suzanne (Theobald) Elston, Shirley (O’Hara) Francisco, Carol (Emper) and John Grant, Jacky (Hilliker) and Jim Hummel, Penny (Platt) & Bruce Keil, Sandra (Emper (Keil and Ron Parker, Joyce and Paul Kuc, Darlene (Willson) & Ben LaDuc, Virginia (Francisco) LaVancher, Gloria (Deeley) Lewis, Connie (Jones) and Bruce Lundrigan, Leslie and Victor Messier, III, Stella and Victor Messier, Jr., Brenda and Ron Metott, Carl Metott, Maxine (Gordon) and Rev. Paul Mills, Patty (Emper) and Ron Murray, Jean and Doug Nessle, Ron Roberson, Doris (Dale) and Ron Short, Jean (Standing) and LeRoy Smith, Mary (Hogan) and Bruce Theobald, Beverly and Wally Willson, Barbara (O’Rourke) and Tom Young, William Young, Robert Young


1951 Patricia (Theobald) Abrams
         LeRoy Smith
1953 Tom Young
1954 Gloria (Deeley) Lewis
1955 Anne (Emper) Bryant
         Ron Short
1956 Suzanne (Theobald) Elston
         Ron Coady
1957 Katie (Brazil) D’Aprix
         Doris (Dale) Short
         Barbara (O’Rourke) Young
         Louise (Wanner) Coady
         Bruce Theobald
1958 Carol (Emper) Grant
         John Grant
1960 Dave Durgee
         Bruce Lundrigan

1961 Connie (Jones) Lundrigan
         Penny (Platt) Keil
         Bruce Keil
         William Young
         Robert Young
1963 Carol (O’Hara) Balch
         Sandra (Emper) Keil
1966 Ron Murray
1967 Patty (Emper) Murray
         Jim Hummel
1969 Jacky (Hilliker) Hummel
         Paul Kuc
1972 Darlene (Willson) LaDuc
1976 Dave Davis
1979 Rhonda (Coe) Ashworth
         Leslie Messier
1981 Victor Messier, III


Class of ’51: for organizing the reunion the first nine years starting in 1997. Two members of that class attending this year were Patricia (Theobald) Abrams and LeRoy Smith. LeRoy has the distinction of never missing the Florida Reunion; Patricia has missed only once. Oldest Camden Graduate(s): Patricia (Theobald) Abrams and LeRoy Smith (1951). Youngest Camden Graduate: Victor Messier, III (1981). Oldest non-Camden Graduate: Jeanette (Rood) Drought (1949). Youngest non-Camden Graduate: Ron Roberson (1970).

Farthest Traveler to the Reunion: Gloria Lewis, Camden.

Florida Reunion “First Timers:” Rhonda (Coe) Ashworth, Gloria Lewis, Ron Roberson, Joyce and Paul Kuc, Carol (Emper) and John Grant, Pat Davis, Edna and Dave Davis, Jean and Doug Nessle, Carl Metott, Brenda and Ron Metott, Ron Parker, Frank Davis, Leslie and Victor Messier, III, Stella and Victor Messier, Jr.

CAMDEN AREA RESIDENTS (Past or Present): Richard Coe, Pat Davis, Jeanette (Rood) and Royce Drought, Jean and Doug Nessle, Brenda and Ron Metott, Carl Metott, Shirley (O’Hara) Francisco, Ron Roberson, Maxene (Gordon) and Rev. Paul Mills, Stella and Victory Messier, Jr., Beverly and Wally Willson.

50 Year (plus) Anniversary Couples: Katie and Tom D’Aprix (50), Penny and Bruce Keil (50), Barbara and Tom Young (53), Louise and Ron Coady (54), Carol and John Grant (55), Jean and Doug Nessle (57), Maxene and Rev. Paul Mills (59), Beverly and Wally Willson (61), Jean and LeRoy Smith (62), Jeanette and Royce Drought (62),

REUNION CONTRIBUTORS: Barbara Young – greeter, name tags; Tom Young – raffle tickets; Ron Short – entertainer with jokes; Rev. Paul Mills – Grace/Prayer; Jacky Hummel – computer work; Leslie Messier – photographer.
“SISTER REUNION?” Anyone notice that four sisters used the community reunion as a sister reunion??

RAFFLE RESULTS: All the participants who donated items for the raffle and/or purchased a ticket were greatly appreciate – also because most all the proceeds are given to the Alumni Association’s SCHOLARSHIP FUND. Louise (Wanner) Coady was the winner of the $25 drawing, and everyone else who purchased a ticket ($2) was able to select an item from the raffle table. The raffle proceeds minus the $25 drawing totaled $85. A collection was also made for those who wished to add more to the SCHOLARSHIP FUND. That Collection totaled $98. Also, four people who were unable to attend, Selma and Paul Clark, Joan Bryant and Leonard Coon, donated their reservation feeds to the amount, which brings the total amount being donated to $229.

2016 CAMDEN/FLORIDA REUNION: It was announced that next year’s reunion would be held WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 20, 2016, 10:30 A.M. TO 3:30 P.M., again at the Golden Corral, 3950 Wedgewood Lane, Lady Lake 32162. The cost is $12.00 per person (which includes tax and gratuity). RESERVATION REQUESTS AND CHECKS should be sent by JANUARY 13, 2016, to Bruce Theobold, 21125 Santa Domingo Drive, The Villages, and FL 32159. Please don’t forget to consider “downsizing” and donate an item(s) for the fund raising raffle.

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