Board Member Resignation….

At this time we wish to announce the resignation of our 1st Vice President and 2022/2023 Banquet Chairperson, Nancy Fox Prusack, Class of 1979 from the Camden Alumni Association Board of Directors.  Nancy has served on the board of directors since 2017, but made the decision to resign her new post at 1st Vice President a couple weeks ago.

The Camden Alumni Association is in dire need of three people to fill vacant board positions. It would be preferable for existing board members to take on the roles of 1st Vice President/Banquet Chairperson and 2nd Vice President/Membership Chairperson, as some experience with board activities makes the jobs easier. These two VP positions automatically move up through the presidency every two years, making it an eight year commitment for the 2nd Vice President, serving 2 years each through the position of “Past President”. However, as it stands, we will consider any Camden Alumni member who lives in the nearby area who is willing to serve on the board of directors.  Please contact our president, Kimberly Boardman Dean if you are interested.

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