Status of the “Blue House” Project…

You may have recently read the “Letter to the Editor” in the Queen Central News about the “Blue House” project.  But, if you missed it, the article, along with a bit of more recent information and thoughts have been added to this website as an information page in the main menu above (right end).

Please check out the page, and feel free to make any comments you wish in the comment box below the article.  Unless you have already posted a comment here, it will have to be approved before it will show, just as a SPAM preventative.  All comments will be posted, good or bad, as long as they are polite and “politically correct”.  Offensive comments may be edited….

To access the “Blue House Project” page, CLICK HERE or use the menu link above.

New User Registrations

After the broadcast email about the Chicken BBQ Plus that went out on Saturday morning, I see we have a few new user registrations to the blog.  Just wanted to pass along a couple of thoughts and suggestions:

  • Site Registration is not really necessary unless you wish to post comments to blog entries, such as this one.
  • If you would like to get email notification of all entries to the blog posts, then you should “Subscribe Via Email” by entering your email address near the top of the right column sidebar.
  • If you are unsure if your contact information is up to date, you should go to the “Alumni Database Information Update” form, fill it out and submit it to have your information updated (or at least checked for accuracy).

Welcome to all new followers of this site!!