2018 Banquet Photos Finally Posted Online….

The 2018 Banquet Photos are finally available online. Apologies for the delay, I was forgetful and also busy with other issues, but they are finally posted to the photo blog at the link below:

2018 Banquet Photo Gallery

If anyone has any photos they would like to share us, please email digital copies to me at lance@camdenalumni.com and I will add them to the 2018 Banquet Album (or any other year if you have them!)

For those who do not want to go to the photo gallery, here are lower resolution images you can scan through right here in a slide show….

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Annual Banquet Reservation Form has been posted online…

Just a tad early this year, but the reservation form for the Annual Alumni Meeting & Banquet has been posted online and available for downloading.  You can download your copy today at this link: Annual Banquet Reservation Form.

If you have an email address on file, you will be receiving an email for downloading this invite in a couple of weeks (Soon after April 10th to meet the terms in our by-laws).

If you are a currently active dues paying member with no email address on file, you will get a copy of the printed banquet information in the mail via first class mail.

If you are not an active dues paying member, but you are a member of a class of 1968 or older, or the classes of 1973, 1978, 1983, 1988, 1993, 1998, 2003 or 2008 and have a valid USPS mailing address on file with us and do not have an email address, you will get a copy of the printed banquet invitation in the mail via non-profit standard mail (reduced postage rates).

If you wish to update your contact information to be sure you will receive either the email or mailed copy of this banquet invitation and future alumni communications, you may update your information by CLICKING HERE.

2018 Camden-Florida Annual Reunion Report…

Those Attending the Event:

Grover & Kathleen Britton
Paul & Selma (Wines) Clark
Ron & Louise (Wanner) Coady
Tom & Katherine (Brazil) D’Aprix
Dave & Patricia Davis
Paul & Joyce (Pugh) Kucman
Bruce & Connie (Jones) Lundrigan
Terry & Linda (Meeks) MacFarland
Joe & Suzanne (Platt) Meagher
Michael & Sheryl (George) Moore
Ron Roberson & Trish Bell
Scott & Debrat Rosnberg
Bruce & Mary Theobald
David & Donna (Smith) Willson
Wallace & Beverly Willson
Denny & Wendy (Greeene) Wimmer
Connie (Daley) Zelinski


17 Camden Graduates in Attendance:

Class of 1949: Joe Meagher
Class of 1956: Connie Daley Zelinski & Ron Coady
Class of 1957: Katherine Brazil d’Aprix, Bruce Theobald & Louise Wanner Coady
Class of 1960: Bruce Lundrigan
Class of 1961: Connie Jones Lundrigan
Class of 1964: Terry MacFarland & David Willson
Class of 1966: Paul Clark & Linda MacFarland
Class of 1969: Paul Kucman
Class of 1973: Wendy Wimmer
Class of 1975: Michael Moore
Class of 1976: Sheryl Moore & Dave Davis

Special Recognitions for Attendees:

  • Oldest Camden Graduate: Joe Meagher, Class of 1949
  • Youngest Camden Graduate: Sheryl Moore and Dave Davis, Class of 1976
  • First Reservation: Selma & Paul Clark
  • Attending for the First Time:
    • Kathleen & Grover Britton
    • Debbie & Scott Rosenberg
    • Sheryl & Michael Moore
    • Donna & Dave Willson
  • Couples married 50 years or more:
    • 1951: Bruce & Mary Theobald and Linda & Terry MacFarland
    • 1952: Connie & Bruce Lundrigan
    • 1953: Donna & David Willson and Katie & Tom D’Aprix
    • 1957: Louise & Ron Coady
    • 1962: Suzie & Joe Meagher
    • 1964: Beverly & Wally Willson

Raffle Results:

Items donated by participants for the raffle were appreciated. All money involving the raffle is donated to the Camden Alumni Scholarship Fund.  Everyone became a winner. Everyone was able to select a raffle item and the scholarship fund collection started with $66.00.

A collection was also taken for those who wished to add more to the fund, The total for that amounted to and additional $83.00. Four people were not able to attend but they graciously donated their reservation fee to the Scholarship Fund collection.

That made a grand total donation to the Camden Alumni Scholarship Fund of $201.

It should also be noted that every year the Scholarship Fund Committee returns a note of extreme appreciation and gratitude for the generous donations that participants have contributed toward student scholarships.

Camden-Florida Reunion 2019 Plans

After leading the reunion for the past 13 years, Bruce Theobald has opted to relinquish that role and requested other participants to consider operating the event. Bruce offered to assist any person(s) in any way to help make a smooth and successful process in maintaining the annual event which so many people have enjoyed over the past years. Fortunately, as this year’s reunion was breaking up, the following people volunteered to continue the reunion event: Wendy & Denny Wimmer, Darlene & Ben Laduc, Ron Roberson & Trish Bell.

Therefore, next year’s winter Camden-Florida Reunion has been scheduled for Wednesday January 23, 2019, again starting at 10:00 am at the Golden Corral on Route 466, ½ mile east of Route 301 in THE VILLAGES.  

A fee of $13.00 per person includes an “all you wish to eat” lunch, drink, tax and tip. To have an accurate account of expected attendance, reservation request and checks should be RECEIVED no later than Jan 16, 2019 by Bruce Theobald, 2115 Santo Domingo Dr., The Villages, FL 32159. Late requests should be phoned to Bruce at 352-205-7225. If you are considering attending it would be a good idea to put the above information on your December calendar as a reminder. Please pass this information on to other members of your family, friends and anyone else you know who might be interested.  This reunion includes any Camden area resident past or present.

Photos of this year’s reunion can be found HERE.